Thoughts from a tired, happy, humbled chef.

A few weeks ago we found out we were named to the OpenTable Top 100 Restaurants in America. It’s been a whirlwind since then. Absolutely overwhelming. I can tell you the phone has not stopped ringing. The well wishes and congratulations have been monumental to Melissa and I, and The Talgos. I didn’t know I knew as many people as have reached out to pat us on the back. Damn.

Here are the answers to a few questions that some folks have asked me in the last few days.

“Why do you think The Tailor and the Cook has garnered such high praises?”
I don’t think – I know: Our team – each and every one who calls this restaurant home, is a tirelessly dedicated hospitality professional. We start work earlier, we finish later. We work long, hard hours and we do it because we really love this restaurant life. It’s crazy, but while most are home at rest or out at play, we are here, at work. And the hours we put in are reflected in the product we put out. Plain and simple. This staff is absolutely second to none. The cream of the crop. If you have ever dined with us, you know exactly what I mean. It is really rewarding to be surrounded by people who care just as much about food and service as I do.

“How does it feel to be named one of the Top 100 Restaurants in America?”
It’s pretty darn cool; I’m not going to lie. But here is the thing – we were awarded this accolade by our guests. The people that we work hard to please on each visit. They are the ones who declared it. And that is what is important. You can give me all the awards you like, but what it comes down to is that each and every guest that walks out of this restaurant says “That was a GREAT meal.” That’s the real award. That’s the one I strive for each and every day.

“Now what?”
Well, now we keep on doing just what we did to get this far.  Impeccable food, Attentive service – the total package. Just like you have come to expect from us. Nothing less. We set the bar high because that is where we want it to be.  But here’s the thing: Forget the award. We are The Tailor and the Cook.  Its Baggs Square, baby. It’s Downtown Utica. That’s what it’s all about.  This city has momentum.  If you have been here before, come in again, we have really hit our stride.  If you haven’t checked us out, please do. I can promise you one thing – passion. We’ve got it. Come on in – we’re firing on all cylinders.

keep it local – Tim