How this restaurant happened to be

Friends since childhood, owners Chris Talgo and Tim Hardiman forged a business partnership based on their common passions for great local food and drink, sustainable business, and improving the community. Opening the restaurant only made sense. After all, Tim had been managing other peoples’ restaurants successfully for years and had loads of experience as an executive chef. And Chris practically paved the way for the restaurant through the popularity of his first venture, The Nail Creek Pub & Brewery on Varick St. in Utica. Once they found the perfect location, all the pieces really began to fall into place.

Our name, The Tailor & The Cook, is an homage to the history of our beautiful building at 94 Genesee Steet in Utica. Since the birth of the city, this address has been home to a number of thriving businesses including the UTK Tailoring Company, from 1910 until the 1940s. We’re honored to be writing the next chapter in the story of this location.

We’re also thrilled to play a role in the revitalization of the historic Bagg’s Square neighborhood. Although several major fires have devastated this area over the years, the latest occuring in 1948, Bagg’s Square has always managed to be rebuilt, thanks to the prominence of its location and its historic significance.

As the spot where Utica Harbor and the Barge Canal intersect, Bagg’s Square has been a commercial, industrial, and transportation center since the city was established. Because of the proximity to the train station, this neighborhood saw many famous visitors such as Vice President Aaron Burr, President John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, Washington Irving, and Charles Dickens (just to name a few).

In 1983, the Lower Genesee Street Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. We hope The Tailor & The Cook will go down in history for serving some of the best food Uticans have ever tasted. Come in for a bite and make history with us soon!